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Divorce Group Coaching

Divorce Group Coaching is a powerful and affordable approach to identifying your goals and creating actions plans to achieve them post separation/divorce, in a safe and supportive group environment.

Be part of a small group of like minded individuals, all working together to support each other is achieving their own personal post divorce goals. Facilitated by a professional coach, you will develop new skills and capabilities and learn through exchange and interaction with each other.

Divorce Group Coaching is a powerful and effective coaching technique for working with people to improve their health, wellbeing, personal strengths, self-efficacy, leadership qualities, team building, and beyond. These are especially important during a high stressful such as separation and divorce.

There are many benefits to divorce group coaching. Below are just a few:

  • Shared wisdom of the group.
  • Working toward common goals as part of a structured, step-by-step program.
  • Positive effect shared experiences.
  • Increased awareness of how see yourself in a group setting and how others perceive you.
  • Develop support and trust within the group which can often lead to lasting friendships.
  • Heightened emotional intelligence.
  • More affordable value.

You can also benefit from reduced costs and a shared learning experience, that is proven to be a great catalyst for sustainable change in your life.

Divorce Group Coach is Dublin’s premier Group and One-to-One personal divorce coaching centre. We are your dedicated partner on your journey to achieving the goals that are most important to you.

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